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How do you do Social?

Social and Digital Media Marketing

Social & Digital Media Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Through Digital Marketing we manage different forms of online company presence(s) such as company websites, mobile apps and social media company pages. This in partnership with online tools including search engine marketing, social media marketing, online advertising and e-mail marketing, we build and manage the best online Digital Marketing solutions for your company. 

Digital Marketing provides the lowest cost advertising and when managed effectively provides the widest and most targeted forms of adevertising.

Digital Marketing provides services to existing customers that help develop the customer relationship through E-CRM and marketing automation.

Build Your Email Marketing List

Email Marketing

Are you acquiring and building your email marketing lists with the most robust and effective tools? Have identified your clients through social media platforms?


Social Media can be the most effective and cost saving form of building your Email Marketing List to target your potential clients.

Whether your just starting out or you are adding on to your list, we can build email collection funnels for your marketing needs.

Build & Manage Communities

Community Manager

Community Groups on Facebook receive better engagement and add relevancy to your business page.

Your brand can do more with a community group and it's an effective way of letting your brand's personality shine. Whether you are wanting to promote a sale, get feedback, create a focus group, or just interact with your fans, a community page is where it's at.

We can build, manage, and guide your community group on Facebook so that it positively impacts your business and brand. We'll help you create an army of brand ambassadors who are telling your story for you!

MoVO Media Marketing 
"Get Social"

A Facebook Marketing Group For The Small Business Owner

Are you in?

We believe that building a community through conversation & interaction leads to a strong & robust brand!

MoVO Media Marketing Owner

Maureen Regalado, Owner MoVO Media Marketing LLC

 Hi! I'm Mo with MoVO Media Marketing.

Here at MoVO Media Marketing, LLC we believe you can achieve social media marketing success through Consistent Engagement on all your social platforms.

What does that mean? That means creating and curating content that will speak to your audience and get them to like, comment, and share. We want you to have meaningful interactions with your community and we are determined to get you the best results.

We are a small team of dedicated individuals who eat, breathe, and love social and digital media. We are the people you see on their phones all the time but instead of consuming content - we are creating it.

If you just need help developing a social media plan or you need help implementing that plan, we can get you on the right track. If you need someone to successfully run your social media platforms, we can do that too. Just need content and want to post it on your own; we have a solution for that as well.

We're not here to give you platitudes because that doesn't benefit you or us. We will look at your business model, make suggestions and recommendations, and plan a course of action.

Contact us today for your FREE 30-Minute Consultation.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Mo Regalado 

Owner MoVO Media Marketing, LLC

Social Media Community Group Creation and Management

One of the things that we’ve seen in online communities, but also including offline communities, is that having an engaged and talented leader is one of the key things for making a strong community …

MoVo Media Marketing is a prime example of having a leader that is engaged and talented. If your company is looking for a social media guru this is your best bet. I've seen this company take a group from the ground and have over 11k members in less than 8 months. Truly amazing.

Pamela M.

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