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Anyone can do social media, right? At least, that's what we're told.

- Got a teenager? They can do it.

- Grandma's on Facebook? She knows what to do.

We hear things like this all the time and that is so far from the truth it's actually laughable.

There's engagement, impressions, reach, business manager, ad accounts, customer service, and reviews that need to be monitored on a daily basis.

Social Media Marketing is harder than it looks and we know as a small business owner that you don't feel like you can handle your social and run your business at the same time. We also understand that hiring a social media manager is often not in the budget...but you understand the need for having an ever growing, always current social media presence.

Social media changes so rapidly that what worked one day may not work the next day because of changes to the API, the algorithm, or the app you were using. This doesn't just happen on Facebook, it also happens on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

That's Where "Get Social" Comes In. We are here to give you Hands-On Updates and information on Algorithm changes to help you successfully manage your business on social.  

Get the continuous Support You Need to keep on top of the ever changing social media landscape.

MoVO Media Marketing "Get Social"

A Facebook Marketing Group for the Small Business Owner

Facebook Group designed to help you market your business on Facebook and other Popular Social Media Platforms effectively.

For $30.00 a month Here's What you get:

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    Social Media Consultation: 1-on-1 help to show you how to maximize your Facebook Business Page and grow your business.
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    Tips, Tricks & Tools: discover the best tools for uncovering the right words and images to use on your Facebook Business Page. How-to's and best practices for keeping your audience engaged. Building community one post at a time.
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    Easy to follow along: simple, step-by-step guides to help you create pages that boost your business like never before.
  • The Constant Facebook Changes: Get help with the changes. Some changes can be subtle but others are in your face and hard to deal with. That's where the group comes in and gives you a helping hand to overcome and succeed.
  • Learn Proven Online Marketing Strategies: We're here to provide you the training and tools that you need to successfully grow your brand and tribe. We'll show you how other's have been successful and how you can implement those strategies for your company.​​
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    Online and Offline Marketing Techniques: Increase your business through proven marketing techniques to grow your brand and tribe.
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    Bi-Monthly Group Video Chats: Get active with LIVE VIDEO CHATS that discuss what's new and what's on the horizon of social media as well as open group discussions.
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    ...And More!

It’s Social Media and more – It’s How To grow & Build A Thriving Business Online!

As you can see by the above list, we’ll be going over SO MUCH more than “Just” Facebook or “Just” Social Media in the 'Get Social' Group. Over time, we’ll be covering completely what it takes to build and run a successful marketing campaign for your business online. Being a member of Mo's 'Get Social' will be your “Marketing Edge.” You’ll have a dependable place for insider knowledge on a regular basis.

Are You Set To:

  • Begin your Business' Social Media Journey?
  • Increase Business Using Proven Online And Offline Digital Marketing Techniques?
  • Receive Strong, Dependable Support To Keep Up With All The Critical Changes In This Fast & Ever-Moving World of Social Media?

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Mo Regalado,

MoVO Media Marketing, LLC

“Social Media Marketing is NOT just about throwing stuff up on Facebook and hoping it goes viral; it's about building a brand ambassador army around your business.

"That sounds great, Mo. But I don't have the money to hire a professional like you."

That's okay, and I get it. That's why I started this group: to give business owners like you the opportunity to learn from me and then go conquer your market!"

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