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Here's a Snippet of What Facebook Messenger Bot Can do for you:

  • Messenger Ads: Click-to-Messenger ads are super engaging. They’re always mobile-friendly. And the conversion rate is 100% because you get everyone’s contact info and can message them back via Facebook Messenger!
  • Facebook Post Auto Responder: Comment Guards Build Your Facebook Messenger Contact List Doing What You’re Already Doing on Facebook. Turn engaged commenters into lasting contacts. Get more value from boosted content by automatically following up.
  • Website Chat Widget: Live chat on a website can increase conversion rates up to 45%! On-site chat powered by Facebook Messenger automation is better than live chat:
    • 24/7 instant response: Chatbots answer questions instantly with no wait time for customers.
    • Cheaper than live staff: Businesses incur no huge staffing costs for operator services and can jump in when needed.
    • Always mobile-friendly for users: Unlike live chat interfaces, Facebook Messenger chat is always mobile-friendly.
    • Creates lasting contacts: Interactions in Facebook Messenger chat become contacts to nurture over a lifetime.

Why Get A Facebook Messenger Bot—


Quality Leads And Higher Open Rates

Check out what else you get by using a Messenger Bot:

Messenger Bot Chat Blasts
Upgrade Facebook Ads
Conversion Funnel Building
Contact List Growth
Take over with Live Chat
Automate with Chatbot
Leads Alert
Segment Audience
Leverage AI Bot

Now That You Know What a Bot Can Do...Wanna See Some Demos? Checkout These Sample Messenger Bots and See them In Action:

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