April 9, 2024

Could you be the next McDonald's or Amazon?

Are you using data to personalize your interactions with prospects? With your audience? And what are you doing after the fulfillment of a successful transaction?

The customer journey is a continuous cycle and it doesn't end once money has exchanged hands. Nope. It keeps on going and going and going...well, at least it should. Too many businesses fail this part - they leave the customer cold and that's the wrong thing to do.

In this MoVO Media Discussion, I share how McDonald's used customer behavior and experience to change how they did business and boy did it pay off! And of course, who could forget about Amazon with the amount of data they've received from us over the years? Your recommendation list is probably so tailored to your needs that it knows what you need before you do!

That is the power of data.

But no matter how much data we consume, don't forget that it's the HUMAN side of business that is looking for connection. You, gentle reader, are in the relationship business, no matter what your business is.