April 12, 2023

A quick story about “Earl Scheibing” Your Social Media -I moved to San Diego with my parents in 1993 and I distinctly remember hearing the commercial for “Earl Scheib” and his infamous, “I’ll paint any car for just $99.95.” He reminded me of the Crypt Keeper from “Tales from the Crypt” just still with skin and alive. 😳Anyway, when you got your car painted at Earl Scheib, you got the WHOLE CAR painted. If you didn’t tape off the windshield, the windows, the back window, the hub caps, the chrome…it was ALL painted the exact same color. No joke. That’s how they kept it so cheap. Everything got painted.Today, on Instagram, I was reminded that there are outfits out there that sell their social media templates as a “one-and-done” option for those needing to post on social media but don’t have the time or resources to do so. I get it; I totally do. I mean, hey, that’s why people pay me to do their social media. They don’t have the time, experience, expertise, or know-how to post on social to get traction.I digress. In a span of two, count them ✌️ posts, I saw the EXACT same template and the EXACT same copy, and the exact same hashtags from TWO different Realtors® from 2 different parts of the country. 🤮Any company that sells social media templates, copy, and hashtags should warn their clients that there’s a good possibility they WILL have the same post go out that other realtors do and that that could happen on the very same day.There have been instances where I have been searching specific hashtags on IG and have found over 30 of the same post from different Realtors® with their pictures and company logos switched out.THIS 👏 IS. 👏NOT. 👏HOW. 👏YOU. 👏DO. 👏SOCIAL. 👏MEDIA.These will be the same people who will complain that “social media doesn’t work” and that they don’t get anything from it. 🙄 Well, no duh, Sharon. You and 100 other agents posted the same stuff on the same day and it provided NO VALUE to the audience.Stop generating unnecessary digital noise with your posts and start being serious about producing content that your audience will find valuable.

Don’t “Earl Scheib” your social media.

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