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đŸŒˆ Imagine this: you're in a large room telling some of your favorite stories to a group of people. They're hanging on every word. You're imparting wisdom like Socrates and people are just eating up every morsel and crumb you share with them. They are enthralled.

In the back of the group, there are folks who are listening attentively, but they're not as actively engaged as everyone else around you. But whatever you're saying is resonating with them and you don't know it because they're not engaging back. No smiles, no chit-chat, no back-and-forth banter.

Welcome to the world of social media engagement and interaction.

You might think you're not making a difference or an impact.

You might think that your posts about how you got started in your business, how you got started in your career, what pitfalls and trials and tribulations you've had, what success you've had, and how you got there - is making one iota of difference.

Why, you ask? Why am I telling these stories?

Because people "buy" you before they ever BUY your product or service.

You never know who is watching, reading, absorbing, and appreciating the value that you are providing by sharing your knowledge, your expertise, and your life with them.

Your stories cement themselves in the brains of your listening audience. And when they're ready to do business...guess what? You'll be top of mind even though YOU may not realize it.

THX told us and it's time we pay attention: "The Audience is Listening."

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