May 8, 2023
Mo being social with client at a cafe.

What's the ROI of your Mother?

I have this on a t-shirt from Gary Vaynerchuk from 2016. It was given to me as a Christmas Gift from an old boss.

When people ask me to quantify the
ROI of Social Media, I always say this, either in my head or out loud, and laugh.

I can tell you that the
ROI for the businesses I have worked with are:

- Increased Visibility
- Community Building
- Raving Fans
- Name Recognition
- Brand Collaborations
...and yes, $$$

Return on Investment - whether it's in ad dollars or investing in a social media expert (like myself) to help you implement a strategy, create and curate content, and reputation management can provide all of these things and more.

Having someone who has worked on all platforms, pays attention to trends, and knows the do's and don'ts of social is super imperative. Whether you hire that person as a consultant or they're a contractor, someone who knows what they're doing will provide a far greater return than you realize.

💰My clients have closed deals due to their social media presence.
💰My clients are being noticed.
💰My clients have raving fans.
💰My clients are wanted on podcasts, on radio, in print, and on TV.


Because of their social media presence—and, dare I say it, their omnichannel social media presence. And I help them get there. Responding to DMs. Responding to comments. Starting the conversation. Keeping the conversation going.

To some, this may seem extreme...
To me, it's doing what you've paid me for.

That's the

We Do Social

So You Don't Have to

Marketing Strategies for Busy Commercial and Residential Real Estate Professionals.