February 13, 2023
Mo with client discussing Social Media Management

or thing's you can do to piss off your Social Media Manager...

That sure got your attention, right?

In all seriousness, here's a list of things a social media manager should NEVER recommend to their clients. This list is not verified, it's just been culled from years of doing this thing called social media.

#1 - NEVER BUY FOLLOWERS - It sounds good. We all want the vanity metric of MORE followers, but if your followers aren't actively engaging in your content, your engagement rate and impressions go down. This is not good for your SMM who is valiantly trying to get those so you can see the value of social media. But if you bought followers it's not gonna happen.

#2 - NEVER SOLICIT ON SOMEONE ELSE'S THREAD - I don't know what guru told small business owners to go on someone else's thread and solicit their business on there, but it's been happening more frequently to my clients and honestly, it's pissing me off. I appreciate the engagement but it's not the engagement I want. It's a crappy practice, so stop it.

#3 - NEVER USE SOMEONE ELSE'S CONTENT - without asking for permission and/or giving them credit. This is a bad practice and honestly, lazy. Always ask. If they say, NO, then it's no. Don't use the content anyway. And this isn't a case of "ask for forgiveness" later, this could have some serious legal consequences.

If your social media manager or anyone you're thinking of hiring to do your social media suggests any of these as ways to grow your socials, WALK AWAY.

Social Media is about building a community of real-time fans and brand ambassadors who would go to war for you. Don't try to cheat your way to the top.

If you have questions about how to grow your brand authentically on social, schedule a call and let's have a talk about your social media needs.

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